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Ayurveda is an ancient art, which practice & treatment keeps you healthy. Unlike all other treatment, Ayurveda not only procures you the healthy living but it also creates positive energy within your body that harmonizes your daily activities and gradually you learnt to apply the self-knowledge and starts to taking self-care, which is the ultimate goal of healthy and happy life. The basic of Ayurveda is to generate the energy and make you capable of to take responsibility of your own health and life. Today, thousands of tourists come India from all over the world only for the Ayurveda treatment.

However, the literal meaning of Ayurveda is “the science of healthy living”. It is a Sanskrit word i.e. ‘Ayush’ means ‘Life’ and ‘Veda’ means ‘Knowledge’. So, it cares your body in holistic fashion. Most of the methods of Ayurveda treatment are derived from the ‘Atharva Veda’; Atharva Veda is one of the four Vedas (Hindu scriptures) of Hinduism. In fact, under this treatment, every individual is recognized as different identity and hence the Ayurvedic treatment is also customized accordingly. However, Ayurvedic treatment also integrates philosophical and psychological approaches. Therefore, under this approach, experts help you to listen and address the unique demands of your own body; further, they also help you to balance you mental and emotional states and assist you to deepen your relation with your spirit that is the gist of the happiness. So, the philosophy of Ayurveda is to make you stronger and also make you learn to cure and care your body yourself.

Though, the Ayurveda Tour Packages are largely available in Kerala, one of the most beautiful coastal states of South India; however, with superb facilities and environments, it is also available at different pockets of India; significant of the Ayurveda Tour Packages that Discovery Full Circle Tours offer are:

• Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Kovalam, Kerala
• Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Pallakad, Kerala
• Marari Beach Ayurveda Resort, Mararikulam, Kerala
• Coconut Lagoon Ayurveda Resort, Kumarakom, Kerala
• Spice Village Ayurveda Resort, Thekkady, Kerala
• Kalari Kovilakom Ayurveda Resort, Pallakad, Kerala
• Ananda Ayurveda Resort (in the vicinity of Himalayas), Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


How does Ayurveda work?

Ayurveda treatment primarily helps you to identify three energies that collectively form everything in the universe namely anabolism, metabolism and catabolism (in western science). Interestingly, these are the fundamentals of everyone’s life and remain involved in the process of growth, maintenance and decay. Moreover, life, light and love together exemplify all these energies that are available in our environment all the times.

Probably, it is surprising to known that these are the energies that combine in every possible means to create the unique qualities of each of us. And, hence the motto of Ayurveda is to make you aware of these qualities within yourself and that is the way that gradually you learn how to keep yourself healthy and happy.

However, in technical terms of Ayurveda, these three energies are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The experts primarily let you understand – how do these three functions all the time in your body and as well as mind. Once start to recognizing this, you start balancing and overcoming the destructive forces by placing the positive forces.

Principles of Ayurveda:

Basically, Ayurveda has two principles i.e.

Thridosha Siddhanta; It says – life is the materialization of three basic aspects, which are Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. Hence, as per the concept, all of us need to maintain the balance among all these three because the balance keeps our life healthy and happy; however, the imbalances create problems and illness.

Panchabhoota Siddhanta: It says – universe is constituted of five basic factors known as ‘Bhootas’, which are Prithwi (the Earth), Jal (Water), Vayu (Air), Akash (Sky) and Agni (Fire). Further, Panchabhoota Siddhanta establishes the relationships among all these as:

Vatha as Small & Large Intestines, Pitha as Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Duodenum, Pancreas and Kapha as Sinuses, Nostrils, Throat, Bronchi.

Generally, Ayurveda is classified into eight principle branches of medicines known as ‘Ashtang Ayurveda’. They are:

• Shalya (Surgery)
• Kayachikitsa (Internal medicine)
• Shalkya (Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology)
• Kaumr Bhritya (Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics)
• Rasayana (Gerentorology)
• Agad tantra (Toxicology)
• Bhoot Vaidya (Psychiatry)
• Vajikaran (Aphrodisiacs)

Treatments in Ayurveda

Though, there are various treatments but following are the most Significant Treatments in Ayurveda:

Abhyanga: Under this treatment, the whole body is massaged with specific herbal oils that very effectively revitalize the body tissues removes all the impurities from the cells. Surprisingly, Abhyanga massage has much deeper effects than any other massage. The massage is done by two therapists normally for an hour. After the massage, patients are facilitated medicated ‘Sweda’ (steam bath).

The Abhyanga massage has following significant benefits:

• Improves blood circulation
• Increase tissue strength
• Removes the Cellulite
• Provides sound sleep
• Beautifies the skin
• Reduces stress and tensions by removing toxins &
• Overall, refresh and rejuvenates the whole body

Shirodhara: Generally followed by Abhyanga, Shirodhara is very peculiar Ayurveda treatment under which the warm and medicated oil or medicated butter milk is continuously poured onto the forehead for 20 to 40 minutes by two therapists. The treatment is deeply relaxing and revitalizing. Shirodhara massage is quite beneficial and treats successfully the following problems:

Epilepsy, Hypertension, Diabetic Neuropathy, Anxiety, Depression, Pre-mature greying of the hair & hair loss, Mental retardation, Insomnia, Paralysis, Stress and many more.

Netra Tarpana: A 15 minutes eye treatment under which, the eyes are bathed with pure medicated cow’s ghee by two therapists. The Netra Tarpana treatment is very fruitful for eyes and provides relaxation from all the strains happened through the computer screen, TV and by any other means.

Navarakizhi: Technically known as ‘Shastika Sali Pinda Sweda’, it is very unique method of treatment under which a special type of cooked rice tied into boluses and then dipped into an herbal decoction and warm milk. Thereupon, four therapists very technically massage all over the body for an hour.

The treatment strengthens tissues and protects from paralytic strokes and aging. It also successfully treats body ache, debility monoplegia, emaciation, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis and ultimately rejuvenates the body.

Sarvangadhara or Kayaseka (Pizhichil): Under this treatment, medicated oil or medicated milk is continuously poured onto the body generally by either two or four therapists for an hour. The treatment is quite effective in treating ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It also treats paralysis and pretty effective for better blood circulation. I addition, it not only increases the body immunity but also protects skin from ageing and make you feel refreshing.

Kashaya Seka: About 45 minute treatment, under which warm herbal decoction is poured all over the body and simultaneously massaged by normally either four or two therapists. It is quite helpful for the treatment of Osteo Arthritis, Varicose Veins, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It increases the blood circulation. Likewise, it relieves the patients from the body pain and makes fairer the skin color.

Normally, there are three courses of treatment for an individual in Ayurveda namely:

a) Swasthahitham: It is related to health.
b) Rasayanam: It improves immunity. &
c) Vajeekaranam: It improves and maintains the sexual power of human being.

However, Panchakarma is one of the ways of treatments (that purify the body and mind) in Ayurveda that anybody can go for - before taking any of the above given treatments.

Generally, during Panchakarma, the following activities are offered:

Vamanam: Under this process, respective person is given medicines to vomit; it purifies the respiratory system.

Virechanam: Person is given medicines for the lose motion to clean the impurities.

Nasyam: Under this process, medicine is given through the nostrils that cure all the diseases of the head, ear, nose and throat.

Rakthamoksha: Under this process, blood is purified.

Vasthi: This is the last medication process.

Still, after the Ayurveda treatments, ‘Poorvakarma’ practiced, which includes:

Pizhichil: Under this process, whole body is massaged properly with medicated oil.

Dhara: For the certain period of time, a slow flow of medicated oil is applied on the forehead.

Swedam: Under this process, body is left to sweat by using following methods:

Elakizhi: Herbal leaves and oil are used.

Dhanyakizhi: Food grains are used etc.

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