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Ahmedabad City

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Facts at a Glance

Country: India
State: Gujarat
Location: Central part of Gujarat
Altitude: 53 m
Population: 5,570,585
Area: 464 km2
Languages: Gujarati, Hindi and English
Literacy: 86.65%
Known as: Textile city
Nearby Cities: Gandhinagar

Located in the western part of India, Ahmedabad was the former capital of Western Indian state Gujarat. Since long time, the city is well developed and in modern time, it is one of the most developed and advanced metropolitan reasons of India. With more than 6 million populations, Ahmedabad is the seventh largest metropolitan regions of India. Above all, as per the IMRB report, in India, Ahmedabad is the best mega-city to live in.

The city is situated at the distance of about 32 kms from the capital city Gandhinagar on the bank of Sabarmati River. It was established in the year 1411 AD by Sultan Ahmed Shah. Since, it had been founded in the medieval period hence; the city has been ruled by various rulers which evidences we can see in the forms of old architectures and other structures. By the time of British rule, the city was the centre of western India and as well as one of the most developed regions of western India.

Over period of time, many industries have been developed in the region; the most significant of them is textile industry. The textile industry of Ahmedabad is highly developed and popular in many countries. This is the reason that it is given the sobriquet “Manchester of the East”. Besides, many other industries are also pretty developed that share major contribution in cities and even state’s revenue.

Besides, the city is also important because it was the centre of Indian Independence Movement of western India. Many leaders of western regions including the national father Mahatma Gandhi administered the Indian Independence Movement from this region. Because of all these reasons, the city also experienced manifold growth and after independence it became one of the fastest growing cities of India. One of the premier institutes for the business studies i.e. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is located in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Tourism

By virtue of having long history and rich culture, the city is pretty popular for the tourism; the classical architecture which is the mixture of Persian architecture and Indian architecture, Hindu craftsmanship, Indo-Saracenic style, and modern development fascinate tourists from all over the country India as well as foreigner tourists.

Some of the major tourists’ attractions in the city are fascinating museum, wonderful monuments, stunning lakes and many other attractions which are located nearby the city. For the bird watchers, Nalsarover is the most interesting point; you can enjoy here various migratory birds. However, the ancient and archaeological site Lothal is one of the most fascinating points; it was established about 4500 years ago and the major part of Indus Valley Civilization.

The important tourists’ attractions in Ahmedabad are:

Major Monuments in Ahmedabad

• Bhadra Fort
• Dada Hari Vav
• Jhulta Minar
• Sarkhej Roza
• Teen Darwaza

Major Religious Places in Ahmedabad

• Akshardham Temple
• Swaminarayan Temple
• Hathee Singh Temple
• Jama Masjid
• Ahmed Shah Mosque
• Rani Rupmati Mosque
• Sidi Sayed Mosque

Museums in Ahmedabad

• Sardar Patel National Memorial
• Sabarmati Ashram
• Calico Museum of Textiles
• Hussain Doshi Gufa

Major Lakes in Ahmedabad

• Kankaria Lake
• Chandola Lake

Major Parks in Ahmedabad

• Victoria Garden
• Bal Vatika
• Law Garden
• Kamla Nehru Zoological Park

How to Reach??

By Road: Being a historical and pretty developed city of western India, Ahmedabad is well connected with various major cities through roadways. National Highway 8 connects the city with Delhi and Mumbai. Interestingly, Ahmedabad is also connected with the National Expressway and Golden Quadrilateral Project.

By Rail: Ahmedabad railway station is one of the most developed and busiest railway stations of India. There are dozens of train run every day and connect the city Ahmedabad with hundreds of major and minor cities of India. The main terminus of Ahmedabad railway station is locally known as Kalupur Station.

By Air: Located at the distance of 15 km from the main city, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is pretty busy airport. It serves not only domestic flights but also serves international flights.