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Bhavnagar City

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Facts at a Glance

Country: India
Location: Western India
Altitude: 24 m
Population: 1,300,000
Language: Gujarati, Hindi, English
Known as: Cultural Capital of Saurashtra
Nearby Cities: Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot

Located in the Saurashtra region, west of Gulf of Khambhat, Bhavnagar is the 5th largest city of Gujarat and second largest city of Saurashtra region. Bhavnagar is established by Bhavsinhji Gohil during the year 1724, and hence its name is also kept after the name of its founder.

Historically, the city was established at geo-strategic region that supported the respective state i.e. Bhavnagar, to develop the trade relations and other development of the region. It was major port city that improved the trade relation with Singapore, Persian Gulf, Mozambique and Zanzibar in its past. However, primarily the city Bhavnagar was a fortified city along with the huge gates. Furthermore, the state Bhavnagar remained as an independent state till the independence; but after the independence, it has merged into Union of India.

Located at the eastern coast of Saurashtra of Kathiawar region and north-west of Gulf of Khambhat, it is a coastal city of Gujarat. It has semi-arid climate. In addition, the city has rich traditions and culture and it is home of social reforms, education and cultural legacy. Interestingly, local people of the city are considered as very simple but art-loving.

Interestingly, the economy of the city is largely depends upon diamond cutting and polishing industries, salt production, and marine chemicals production. Some other major industries are plastics and ship building.

Bhavnagar Tourism

By virtue of having long history and rich traditions, the city has many tourists’ attractions; important of them are:

• Takhteshwar Temple: Located comparatively on the hill of the centre part of the city one can take the view of entire city from this point. The temple is a model of beautiful architecture.

• Nilambag Palace: Designed by a British architect, William Emerson, it was a royal residence of Maharaja of Bhavnagar; however, at present, it is a fascinating hotel and heritage site.

• Mangalsinhji Mahal Palace: Designed on traditional Kathiawari architectural principles, it is located at centre of the city. It was the residence of royal family.

• Bhav Vilas Palace: With beautiful landscape, it is the residence of the royal family. It was famous for the wildlife collection.

• Victoria Park: With an area of about 500 acres, it is the place distinct flora and fauna. Besides, the park also offers an opportunity to have look of various species of birds.

• Ganga Deri (Ganga Jalia Talav): It is pretty popular site because of being constructed on the model of Taj Mahal; it is also popular as miniature of the Taj Mahal.

• Gaurishankar Lake (Bor Talav): Primarily constructed to provide water to the town; at present, it is popular picnic spot where you can watch stunning sunset.

• Gandhi Smriti: It is a memorial that stores Gandhian books and photographs depicting the story of Mahatma Gandhi. Besides, it has also various other art collections.

• Ghogha Beach: Located about 19 kms from the main city area, it is a popular tourists’ spot.

• Malnath Shiv Temple and Trambak Water Fall: Located at the distance of about 20 kms from the main city, it is pretty popular spot.

• Velavadar Black Buck National Park: Recognized as only tropical grassland in India, Velavadar Black Buck National Park is known for its blackbuck, nilgai, wolves, jackals, antelopes, hyenas, fox, wild boar and jungle cats.

How to Reach??

• By Road: The city is well linked with various nearby cities including Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat etc.

• By Rail: It has a big rail station that connects with many important cities of India. You can catch train from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Surat and many other cities for Bhavnagar.

• By Air: Surprisingly, Bhavnagar is one of the cities of Gujarat with airport; some of the airlines including Jet Airways and Deccan Shuttles run daily and connect with the cities Mumbai and Surat.

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