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Dhar City

Facts at a Glance

Country: India
State: Madhya Pradesh
Location: South-Western Madhya Pradesh
Altitude: 559 m
Population: 75,500
Language: Hindi
Known for: Scenic Landscapes
Nearby Cities: Indore, Mhow, Ujjayini

Located in the south-western part of Madhya Pradesh and central part of India, Dhar is an important town. Interestingly, the small city is located in picturesque landscapes and surrounded by lakes, barren hills, greeneries and various old buildings. It has the people of both religions – Hindu and Muslim hence, city has both cultures.

From the time immemorial, the city has had the traditions of music and dance; painting and sculpture and literature. Likewise, Dhar has very rich in terms its heritage. Besides, right from the 16th century, science and music developed and attained the perfections in Central part of India. People are very keen in keeping themselves engage in painting, dancing, music and other artistic work. Though, various paintings of Gupta period have been ruined but their evidence can be still observed here; paintings illustrate natural scene, male and female figures in various posture. Furthermore, the love story of Baaz-Bahadur and Roopmati of this region is also popular.

Dhar Tourism

Though, Dhar is a small city but it has some of the sites, which are pretty interesting for the tourists; important tourists’ attractions are:

• Ramparts and Circular City: Ramparts of ninth century is one preferred attractions of Dhar. Interestingly, the construction is of circular shape and very unique in north India. At present, many parts of the structure is already destroyed; however, some part is remaining there that tells the story of past.

• Fort: Most probably built by Muhammad bin Tughluq, the Sultan of Delhi, it is one of the striking sandstone fortress built over a small hill. Besides, inner side of the fort, there is deep rock-cut cistern and other structures that illustrate the age of establishment.

• Tomb of Shaykh Changal: The historical tomb illustrates the inscriptions written in Persian; it also gives the date i.e. 1455. It is good site of written historical evidence.

• Lat Masjid: Located in the southern part of the city, it is a Pillar Mosque. It was most probably built in the year 1405 by Dilawar Khan.

• Kamal Maula Campus: It is centuries old campus consisting of four tombs.

• Dhar Museum: It is the great collection of Dhar’s historical items.

• Jheera Bagh: Built during the year 1860s, it is a palace built at Hazira Bagh. At present, the elegant structure is used as a heritage hotel.

How to Reach??

By Road: By virtue of being one of the districts of Madhya Pradesh, it is well connected with road; you can take public transport (generally bus) from nearby cities such as Mhow, Indore etc.

By Rail: Though, Dhar does not have any Railway station, you can take train for Indore and from Indore, you need to take bus to go Dhar.

By Air: The nearest airport to Dhar is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar National Airport located in Indore city. Today, Indore airport is well connected with various major cities of India. So, you can book your flight for Indore and from Indore, you need to take bus to reach Dhar.

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