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Kavaratti City

Lakshadweep Island beach trip

Country: India
State:Lakshadweep (Union Territory)
Location: In the Arabian Sea
Altitude: 0 m
Population: 11,322
Language: Malayalam
Known for: Pristine white sand beaches and calm lagoons
Nearby Island: Pitti, Agatti, Suheli

Located in the Arabian Sea south-west of mainland of Indian Territory, Kavaratti is the capital city of Indian Union Territory Lakshadweep. Interestingly, the average altitude of the small town Kavaratti is 0 meter; hence, it is situated at the sea level. The town Kavaratti is located at the distance of 360 km off coast from the main land of south Indian state Kerala.

Kavaratti Tourism
Kavaratti is located on the island namely Kavaratti itself. The Union Territory Lakshadweep is archipelago of islands and entire group of islands are largely popular for the tourism industry. The tourists love to see here the coral reef islands. In addition, tourists also enjoy here journey of one island to other island through boat. Naturally, boating in the region is pretty adventurous and interesting for the tourists. Above all, tourists also prefer here buying some of the local made stuffs, which is especially made up of materials found in the Arabian Sea.

In addition, tourists also enjoy here the sandy beaches, Lagoon, water sports, swimming, sun basking, and watching marine life. There is also a Marine Aquarium that attracts tourists equally.

How to Reach??
By Ship: Kavaratti is an overnight journey from the mainland of India by ship. There are various passenger ships that run between Kochi (the mainland city of south India) and Kavaratti.
By Air: The nearest domestic airport is located on Agatti Island at the distance of about 54 km away; however, from here you can take either helicopter or boat to reach Kavaratti.

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