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Kohima City

Kohima City Tour

Country: India
Location: Northeast part of India
Altitude: 1,444 m
Population: 78,584
Language: English
Known for: Capital of Nagaland
Nearby Island: Dimapur, Imphal

Located in the north-east part of India, Kohima is the capital city of one of the north-east states Nagaland. After Dimapur and Mokokchung, it is third largest Nagaland towns in the region; and, it is the largest town in Nagaland state. It is the main political, economic, and cultural centre of Nagaland.

Further, geographically it is flanked with hills and filled with largely Angami Naga tribe. It is interesting to share that because of difficult pronunciation of the original name in Angami language i.e. 'Kewhima' or 'Kewhira;'the word 'Kohima' was officially named by the British. The meaning of the word is Tenyidie for "the land where the flower Kewhi grows". However, it is so called because of the wild flowering plant 'Kewhi,' found in the same mountain region. In the beginning, Kohima was also known as Thigoma.

Kohima Tourism
By virtue of its wonderful location in a picturesque landscape, Kohima is also popular spot for the tourists. Tribal Tourism is also pretty popular here.

Situated on the top of a high hill, Kohima is the town settled in the shape of serpentine. Moreover, the city is also popular for its 'Hombill Festival. This festival is recently started by the Nagaland Government in the year 2000. It is started with the purpose to endorse the cultural heritage of the state and to encourage inter-tribal interactions. The name of the festival is given after the popular word Hornbill. The festival is celebrated during the month of 1st December to 7th December every year.

How to Reach??
By Road: It is linked with the road and you can take bus from Dimapur.
By Rail: Dimapur is the nearest railway station which is linked with Guwahati and other towns of north-east region.
By Air: The nearest airport is located at Dimapur.

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