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Madurai City

Facts at a Glance

Country: India
State: Tamil Nadu
Location: South-Central part of Tamil Nadu
Altitude: 101 m
Population: 1,230,020
Language: Tamil
Known as: Historic Religious City
Nearby Cities: Dindigul, Tiruchirappalli

Located in the southern part of India and in centre (southwards) of state, Madurai is one of the oldest cities and religious centre of Tamil Nadu. With more than one million populations, Madurai is third largest city of Tamil Nadu. Surprisingly, the city has near about two thousand years old history; and, it is mentioned in various historical literary works including Megasthenes’ work who was the Greek ambassador to India during the Mauryan Empire.

Situated on the bank of River Vaigai, the city Madurai is nationwide famous because of being one of the religious centres with having several temples built by Pandyan and Madurai Nayak. Most of these temples are built in the Dravidian style. The religious city always remains infused with the thousands of devotes. However, the ancient religious city Madurai is known with different names such as ‘Temple City’, ‘City of Junction’, ‘City of Jasmine’, ‘City that never sleeps’ etc.

In addition, the city is also very significant cultural and administrative centre in the region since the time of Pandyan dynasty who was the ruler of the region. After the Pandyan dynasty, the Ma’bar Sultanate came here and then it had been absorbed into the Vijayanagar Empire. Finally, in the year 1801, British East India Company took over the command of the region and freed only after the Independence of India.

Tourists’ Attractions in Madurai

The ancient religious city is pretty fascinating centre that attracts thousands of tourists not only from different parts of India but also from all over the world. Largely people come here to worship and seeing the wonderful temples built with spectacular architecture in Dravidian style. Major tourists’ attractions of Madurai are:

• Meenakshi-Sundareswar Temple: Dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarer, it is the great model of Dravidian architecture. However, it is not only the worship place but also the centre of cultural activities and also promotes art and culture in the city.

• Thiruparankundram Temple: Located at the distance of 8 kms from the city, it is a rock-cut temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya. The temple is 8th century old built by Pandaya Dynasty.

• Koodal Azhagar Koil Temple: Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it is very popular temple of Madurai. You can see here huge idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

• Kazimar Big Mosque and Maqbara

• Goripalayam Dargah

Other Tourists’ Attractions in Madurai

• Gandhi Museum: Established in the memory of our national father Mahatma Gandhi, the museum has great historical importance.

• Thirumalai Nayak Palace: Built by King Thirumalai Nayak in the year 1636 AD, it is a great model of splendid architecture. It was the royal palace designed by an Italian architect.

• Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam: It is one of the largest temple tanks in the entire south India.

• Adhisyam: Situated at the distance of about 15 kms from Madurai, it is wonderful theme park and very popular picnic spot. You can enjoy here varieties of water sports with your family members.

• Rajaji Park: Located nearby the Central Bus Stand of Madurai, it is wonderful Children’s Park.

• Vandiyur Kanmoy Tourist Complex: With modern facilities including boating, restaurants, children’s play station etc, it is pretty fascinating attraction in the region.

How to Reach??

• By Road: Madurai has dense road network connecting with various major and minor towns of the state Tamil Nadu and neighbouring state. The major highways are NH 7, NH 45B, NH 49, NH 208 and SH 32, SH 33, SH 72. Surprisingly, the city has four bus stands. So, you can reach the city by road.

• By Rail: Madurai has big and well maintained railway station that connects the city Madurai with various other cities of India. You can book your ticket in train to reach the city Madurai.

• By Air: Madurai has international airport that connects with various major cities of India as well as the country Sri Lanka.

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