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Quilon City

Facts at a Glance

Country: India
State: Kerala
Location: South West Coast of Kerala
District: Kollam
Altitude: 3 m
Population: 349,035
Language: Malayalam, English
Known for: Sea Beach
Nearby Cities: Kochi, Alappuzha, Thiruvananthapuram

Located on the Arabian Sea coast in the south-west part of state, Quilon is a sea port town in Kerala. By virtue of having the coastal location, it has had the privilege of serving as commercial centre in the region. Because of this reason, Ibn Batuta considered it as one of the five ports of India that he had seen during the period of his travels in India.

So, Quilon more popularly known as Kollam is an ancient trading port town, largely trading with Chinese, Arabs and some other Oriental countries. Over period of time, the marine exports processing factories along with the processing and packaging of Cashewnuts took the products from this port to across the globe. Hence, Kollam is popular for cashew processing and coir manufacturing. Situated at the bank of Ashtamudi Lake along the Arabian coast of Kerala which is more popularly known as Malabar Coast, Kollam is very fast developing city. Besides, it is known as the southern gateway to the backwaters of Kerala and famous tourists’ destination of south India.

Major Tourists’ Attractions in Kollam

• Lighthouse: Built by British in the year 1902, one time it was used to be British Enclave, the place is also popular as Thangasseri. Quilon lighthouse is measured 144 feet and visible as far as 13 miles in the Arabian Sea, which one of the most exciting view for the tourists.

• Portuguese Fort: Located nearby the Quilon lighthouse, it is 1517 built structure built by Portuguese. However, at present only some parts of the fort standing.

• Ashtamudi Lake: The most popular aspect of the city is Ashtamudi Lake that fascinates thousands of national and international tourists. You can boat, walk around, sit and of course enjoy the natural landscapes here. However, boat cruise to Munroe Island is the most preferred feature of this lake.

• Adventure Park: Located in the vicinity of city Kollam, Adventure Park is one of the best refreshment centres for the children.

• Thangasseri: More popular because of Quilon lighthouse, it is an historic seaside village. The ruined Portuguese fort is also located here. Moreover, the site is pretty popular for its natural landscapes.

• Chavara: It is mineral rich deposit region and highly industrialized zone of Kollam. The major industries are Kerala Mineral and Metal factory and Titanium Complex, Indian Rare Earths, the Kerala Premo Pipe factory etc.

• RameshwaraTemple: The centuries old structures with varieties of paintings and sculptures, Rameshwara Temple is one of the popular religious sites in the city. Built in Pandyan dynasty style, you can also read here the inscriptions written in Tamil; it tells you the story of the periods between 12th century and 16th century.

• Mayyanad: It is popular because of having temple complex area; there are about nine temples in this complex. However, Subramanya Temple located at Umayanallor is the most popular that believed to be consecrated by Sri Sankaracharya, the great Hindu philosopher.

• Sasthamkotta: It is quite popular religious place in the city known for its fresh water lake and Sastha temple.

• Picnic Village: It is a tourists’ complex in Kollam, which has stored various tourists’ site including Adventure Park, Children’s Traffic Park and many more.

• Thirumullavaram Beach: One of the stunning beaches of Kerala, Thirumullavaram Beach is a beautiful spot for recreation.

• Kottarakkara Kathakali Museum: Interestingly, it is the memorial of Kottarakkara Thamburan, the father of the classical dance ‘Kathakali’. Likewise, it is the store house of various models and other materials including costumes, ornaments, rare musical instruments, sculptures and models of other classical dance.

• Thenmala Deer Park: It is a popular park located in a historical site.

• Thevalli Palace: Located at the bank of Ashtamudi backwater (locally known as Ashtamudi Kayal), Thevalli Palace is a popular historical palace.

Major Tourists’ Attractions nearby Kollam

• Ochira: Located about 34 kms from the main town of Kollam, it is pretty popular religious place of the region. However, it is the significant but unique religious place, the uniqueness lies in the temple premises i.e. the temple has no idol or deity. Rather having the idol of any gods, the popular Parabrahma Temple is dedicated to universal consciousness. There are two popular festivals namely Ochira Kali (celebrated during the month of June) and Panthrandu Vilakku (celebrated during the months of November and December). Ochira Kali is pretty fascinating for the tourists, during the celebration, a mock test is arranged between two groups of men dressed as warriors. A classical dance is also performed; the performers portray the martial dance standing in knee deep water and also brandishing swords and shields.

• Kulathupuzha: Located at the distance of about 64 kms from Kollam, it is a popular religious centre. Sastha Temple is the famous centre where people celebrate Vishu Mahotsavam during the months of April-May.

• Paravoor: Located at the distance of 20 kms from Kollam, it is famous for backwater and sea view. The Varkala beach is also popular.

• Thenmala: Located at the distance of about 65 kms from Kollam in a dense forest area, it is an Eco Tourism region.

• Ariankavu: Located at the distance of 70 kms from Kollam, Ariankavu is a popular temple dedicated to god ‘Sastha’. Main festivals of this place are Tirukalyanam and Mandala Pooja.

• Palaruvi Waterfalls: Located at the distance of about 75 kms from Kollam, Palaruvi Waterfall is one of the best picnic spots in the region. The waterfall measuring the fall height about 300 feet is known for its scenic landscape. In addition, the literal meaning of Palaruvi is ‘milky stream’ that is given only because of the milky color of the water.

• Matha Amrithanandamayi Ashram: Located in Vallikavu, it is the headquarters of Indian female guru Matha Amrithanandamayi Devi.

• Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple: The historic rock cut cave temple is one of the most preferred locations where you can enjoy the rock cut architecture.

How to Reach??

By Road: The city has well developed road network and directly connected with major cities of Kerala and other parts of India. The major highways are NH 47, NH 66, NH 220, NH 744 along with various other state highways.

By Rail: Kollam Railway Station is one of the largest railway stations in Kerala and it is directly linked with various other cities of India.

By Air: The nearest airport from Kollam is Thiruvananthapuram airport, located merely at the distance of about 70 kms south from Kollam.

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