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Trip to Ranchi

Country: India
Location: Central east part of Jharkhand
Altitude: 629 m
Population: 1,126,741
Language: Hindi, English
Known for: Capital of Jharkhand
Nearby Cities : Bokaro, Jamshedpur

Located in the central part of state, Ranchi is the capital of newly made state Jharkhand. It is the largest city in Jharkhand. About 13 years back, Jharkhand was the part of Bihar and Ranchi was one of the significant cities of Bihar but on November 15th 2000, Jharkhand evolved as separate state and its capital has made Ranchi. Though, Ranchi was pretty developed state but after becoming capital, it has experienced fast development.

The word 'Ranchi' is taken from the native word Oraon village Archi at the site. The word Archi is taken from the Oraon word, which means bamboo grove or stave. As per the traditional story, after a wrangle with a spirit, anxious farmer hit the spirit with his bamboo stave or archi; consequently, the spirit cried and shouted the word archi, archi, archi and vanished. Later on the word Archi became Rachi, and from Rachi it became Ranchi. This is the reason that even today, old Ranchi considered as the site of the old village of Archi.

Ranchi Tourism
Because of having wonderful geographical location and pleasant weather, the city Ranchi is a spectacular site for tourism. There are dozens of picturesque landscapes in the city; significant of them are:
Jagannathpur Temple: Located at the distance of about 10 km, Jagannathpur temple is centuries old temple. It was built in the year 1691 and looks like Puri Temple.
Sun Temple: Located at the distance of about 40 km, Sun temple is an example of wonderful architecture. It is built in the shape of a Chariot with 18 wheels drawn by seven horses. You can also enjoy here wonderful landscape.
Rock Garden and Kanke Dam (Gonda Hills): Designed beautifully, it is one of the must visit sites; in addition, dam gives additional attraction to the site.
Hundru Falls: Located on the River of Subarnarekha, Hundru Falls is one of the ideal sites here for picnic. The height of the waterfall is measured about 320 feet.

Other important sites are:
Jonha Falls
Panchghagh falls
Hirni Falls
Dassam falls
Sita Fall
Pahari Mandir (Ranchi Hill)
Birsa Jaiwik Udyaan (Zoo)
Deer Park (Khunti Road)
Dhurwa Dam
Sidhu Kanhu Park
Zakir Hussain Park
Muta Crocodile breeding centre
Fun Castle, Ratu Road
Nakshatra Van
Tagore Hill
Ratu Fort
Rukka Dam
Jharkhand War Memorial
Angrabari (Amreshwar Dham)
Ranchi Lake

How to Reach??
By Road: It is linked with the dense road network; the major highways are NH 33 and NH 23 pass through Ranchi.
By Rail: Ranchi railway station is the major railway station that connects with most of the major cities of India.
By Air: Birsa Munda Airport is the nearest domestic airport that directly links the city with Patna, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

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