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Varanasi City

Boat ride a river ganges Varanasi

Facts at a Glance

Country: India
State: Uttar Pradesh
Location: East Uttar Pradesh
Altitude: 80 m
Population: 3,794,200
Language: Hindi
Known as: Religious Place
Nearby Cities: Allahabad, Patna

Located on the bank of River Ganga in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh of India, Varanasi is an historic religious city of India. The city Varanasi is quite popular with its name ‘Benaras’ or ‘Benares’. It is one of the continuously inhabited oldest cities of the planet Earth. At present, the religious city Varanasi is centre of Hindu, Buddhists, and Jains; likewise, millions of people of different communities visit this scared place every year.

By virtue of having the thousands of years old civilization, the city is religiously quite important; interestingly, it has been produced verities of scholars including thinkers and philosophers, poets, writers, musicians and many more. The Indian classical music “Benares Gharana” is the native of Varanasi city. In addition, the supreme and founder of Buddhist Religion, Lord Gautama Buddha had been delivered his first sermon at Sarnath; it is an ancient place located in the vicinity of the city Varanasi. Since, the city has so much features hence, it has been given various sobriquets such as “Oldest Living City on Planet Earth”, “the Religious Capital of India”, “the Holy City of India”, “the City of Learning”, the “the City of Temples”.

However, as per the mythology, a few thousand years ago, Lord Shiva established the city Varanasi and hence, people believe that the city is residing on the Trishool (Trident) of Lord Shiva. Above all, the city is remained significant centre in most of the Indian scriptures including ‘Ramayana’, ‘Mahabharata’ and even in ‘Vedas’ and ‘Purana’ written over different periods of time.. Furthermore, throughout its history, the city also remains as the centre of education; you can see here the world famous Varanasi University.

At present, the city Varanasi is not only pilgrimage centre of India but also it is a hub of silk weaving and brassware. The important manufactured products of the city are fine silks and brocaded fabrics, country popular Benarasi saris, jewellery, brassware, woodcraft, carpets, wall hangings and many more.

Tourists’ Attractions in Varanasi

Basically, the city Varanasi is religious tourists centre with having dozens of centuries old temples. The great River Ganga, and a range of traditional and modern shopping areas including Thatheri Bazar, Gyan Vapi, Vishwanath Gali, Lahurabir, Dashswamedh Gali Golghar, JP Mall, JHV Mall etc. are also equally important.

Major Tourists’ Attractions in Varanasi

Temples in Varanasi

• Bharat Mata Temple
• Durga Temple
• New Vishwanath Temple
• Sankat Mochan Temple
• Vishwanath Temple
• Tulsi Manas Temple
• Varanasi Ghats

Other Attractions in Varanasi

• Bharat Kala Bhavan
• Banaras Hindu University
• Jantar Mantar
• Ramnagar Fort
• Chunar Fort
• Chandraprabha Sanctuary
• Jaunpur
• Vindhyachal
• Kaushambi

Tourists’ Attractions Nearby Varanasi

• Sarnath Museum
• Buddhist Temples
• Ashoka Lion Capital
• Dhamekh Stupa
• Chaukhandi Stupa
• Dharmrajika Stupa

Cultural Activities in Varanasi to Participate

• Astrology at Varanasi
• Yoga at Varanasi
• Varanasi Music

What to shop in Varanasi

• Banarasi Saree
• Banarasi Carpets
• Handicrafts of Varanasi

How to Reach??

By Road: Located in the flat plains of River Ganga, Varanasi has a well maintained network of roads. The frequent public and private bus services are remain available round the clock from the major towns of Uttar Pradesh and other cities of neighbouring state.

By Rail: Varanasi has two major railway stations namely Varanasi Junction and Kashi Junction; these two stations have number of trains that directly connect with various major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Amritsar and many more.

By Air: The city has its own airport that directly connects with various major cities of India.

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