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Vishakapatnam City

Trip to visakhapatnam

Facts at a Glance

Country: India
State: Andhra Pradesh
Location: North-east India
Altitude: 5 m
Population: 1,730,320
Language: Telugu
Known as: Port city
Nearby Cities: Kakinada, Vijaywada, Hyderabad

Located on the north-eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is one of the major cities of Andhra Pradesh. With its natural harbour, Visakhapatnam is a major port city on the Bay of Bengal. With the population of about 1,435,100, it is the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh.

Interestingly, the name of city “Visakhapatnam” was given after the name of Hindu god Visakha. Situated in the hills of Eastern Ghats, the city more popularly referred as ‘The City of Destiny’ ; because of its growth rate and importance, now it is also known as the ‘Goa of the East Coast.’ Furthermore, it has various developed industries including iron and steel industry, shipping industry and many other small industries that made it one of the most industrialized cities not only of Andhra Pradesh but of entire India.

Tourists’ Attractions in Visakhapatnam

The historic city also mentioned in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharta was also the part of Klinga Kingdom during the Ashoka’s rule. However, later it had been ruled by various other kingdoms; hence, it has long history and traditions and so the architecture of the city. Besides, the city has also various other attractions including beaches, coastal landscapes, zoological park, hill stations, submarine museum, limestone caves, valleys and mountain range.

Major Tourists’ Attractions

• Kailasagiri Park: Located on hill top, it is one of the must visit spots because from this spot one can take look of Bay of Bengal one side and Visakhapatnam city on the other side.

• Rushikonda Beach: Along with Bhimili-Visakhapatnam beach, it is one of the favourite spots for evening walk. In addition, it also offers various fascinating activities such as swimming, water skiing, and wind surfing.

• The Buddhist Complex: Excavated very recently, it is ancient Buddhist site; it is located on the Mangamaripeta hilltop and locally known as Thotlakonda.

• Simhachalam Temple: It is dedicated to god Narasimha.

• Ramanaidu Film Studio: It is beautiful landscape to go around.

• Indira Gandhi Zoological Park: It has about 700 animals.

• Visakha Museum: It is a maritime museum houses weapons used by Indian Navy during the past wars. It has also models of ship and submarines illustrating the heroic actions and success.

• INS Kurusura Submarine: Located at the Rama Krishna Beach, it is unique submarine museum.

Other Tourists’ Attractions

• Appikonda
• Bavikonda
• Bheemunipatnam
• Dolphin's Nose
• Erra Matti Dibbalu
• Line of Three Hills
• Mudasarlova
• Pavuralakonda
• Sankaram Buddhist Excavations
• Thotlakonda
• Mother Mary's Church
• Bheemunipatnam Beach
• Gangavaram Beach
• Kondakarla Ava
• Lawson's Bay Beach
• Rama Krishna Beach
• Yarada Beach

How to Reach??

By Road: Visakhapatnam is one of the most industrialized and developed city of Eastern Coast of India hence it has well developed road network. Interestingly, the NH 5 and Golden Quadrilateral also pass through the city and directly connect with other metropolitan cities of India including Kolkata and Chennai. So, irrespective of your location in South India, you can reach the city by road.

By Rail: With its great number of platforms and dozens of superfast trains, the city is directly connected with all major and various minor cities of India. Hence, wherever your location is in India, you can catch train for Visakhapatnam.

By Air: It has one of the busiest airports that directly connects not only with the major cities of India but also connects with international cities such as Dubai.

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