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Malaysia Tours

Facts at a Glance
Country: Malaysia
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Geographical Location: South-east Asia
Language: Malaya
Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (RM)
Population: 28.86 million (2011)

Located in the south-east of Asia, Malaysia is a country of group of beautiful islands. So, it is one of the most preferred tourists' destinations in Asia. Starting from people to places everything is wonderful and in addition, the culture and historical heritage are symbol of fascinating fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and other indigenous customs and culture. Surprisingly, it is home of hundreds of colorful festivals. Above all, Malaysian people are very warm and friendly.

Located in hot and humid climate, administratively, country is divided into 11 states in the peninsula of Malaysia and two states on the northern part of Borneo. The currency of Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit (RM), which is further divided into 100 sen.

Malaysia Tours:
Geographically, located in the Indian Ocean, Malaysia archipelago has various wonderful places to visit. You can not only enjoy here only natural landscapes but there are also high rising buildings and advanced cities where you can avail all modern facilities. The best example is the gleaming twin glass towers of the 21st Century, located in Kuala Lumpur.

Fascinating Islands of Malaysia
Pangkor Island
Perhentian Besar Island
Perhentian Kecil Island
Tioman Island

Fascinating Beaches of Malaysia
Port Dickson Beach

Fascinating Cities of Malaysia
Johor Bahru
Kuala Lumpur
Kota Bahru
Petaling Jaya

Other Wonderful Places in Malaysia
Taman Negara
Genting Highlands
Fraser's Hill
Cameron Highlands
Bukit Tinggi
Bukit Merah

Fascinating activities for you in Malaysia
Bird Watching
Jungle Trekking
Mountain Climbing
Cave Exploring
Off Road Driving
White River Rafting
Scuba Diving
Trail Riding

How to Reach??
To visit Malaysia, you need to get visa that you can take from the Malaysian embassy located in your country. Kuala Lumpur international airport is linked by many airlines with many countries of the world.