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Located in the north part of India, historically, Haryana is the part of Kuru region. It shares its boundary with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the north, Rajasthan in the west and south and it surrounds Delhi from three sides. However, some its eastern boundary with Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh is defined by Yamuna River that follows through the state.

Surprisingly, Haryana is one of the wealthiest states of India; it is one of the most economically developed regions in entire Asia. Before the constitution as the separate state, the region was quite developed but after the constitution as separate state, its growth has even multiplied and resultantly, the agricultural produce, industrial growth and also its infrastructure keeping par with the developed regions. At present, the state is the largest manufacturer of passenger cars, tractors and two wheelers. Located in the NCR, its hi-tech city Gurgaon has become an important hub of the information technology as well as automobile industries. The corporate office of Maruti Udyog Limited (the largest car selling company in India) and Hero MotoCorp Limited (, the world's largest manufacturer of two-wheelers) are located in Gurgaon. Other industrial hubs of the state are Faridabad, Panipat, Panchkula, Yamuna Nagar etc.

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Moreover, at present, Haryana is a leading contributor to the country's production of milk, agriculture produce and other industrial products. Because of having flat arable land, agriculture is the main occupation for the local people of the state; the irrigation system of state is pretty developed. The land is largely irrigated by submersible pumps and an extensive canal. Green Revolution during the period of 1960s played major role for the development of Haryana agriculture production.

On the other hand, some parts of Haryana are the part of Indus Valley Civilization as well as Vedic Civilizations. As per the Hindu mythology, the epic war of Mahabharata had been fought at Kurukshetra. Interestingly, Kurukshetra is the place where Sri Krishna recited the Bhagavad Gita. Furthermore, during the medieval period, the most significant battles of Panipat had also been fought here. These three battles had played major role in shaping up the Indian history and defining the political boundary.

Haryana Tourism

With its ancient sites, Haryana facilitates you to see the sites of pre-historic times. Besides, you can also see here various pilgrimage sites along with industrial sites.

Haryana has a rich and diverse history that has witnessed the rise and fall of several kingdoms. However, Haryana tourism highlights the epic battle of ‘Mahabharata’ and three famous battles of Panipat; all these significant battles made the land historical. One of its important destinations where battle of Mahabharata had taken place is Kurukshetra. Here Lord Krishna interpreted the message of the Bhagwad Gita to Arjuna one of the Pandava warriors. A significant event in the calendar is the Suraj Kund Crafts Mela that takes place during the first two weeks of February month at Gurgaon, on the Delhi-Haryana border.

Religious Places in Haryana

Kurukshetra: Major attractions are Brahma Sarovar, City of Parks, Archeological Sites, Buddhist Monuments, Sheikh Chehli’s Tomb, Krishan Museum etc.

Thanesar: Popular for the Sthanesvar Mahadev temple and the Ma Bhadra Kali Temple.

Panchkula: Located at the distance of about 8 km from the capital Chandigarh, Panchakula is famous for Mata Mansa Devi Temple. Other important temple Chandi Mandir lies at the distance of about 10 km.

Jyotisar: It is believed that Lord Krishna delivered the eternal and timeless sermon of Bhagvad Gita here.

Pehowa: The historic place Pehowa is popular for the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and his son Kartikkya. Interestingly, unlike the other temples, Shiva temple of this place has no linga; instead, it has a panch-mukhi (5 faces) idol of Lord Shiva which is believed as one of the unique of its own kind.Back to More State

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