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Located in the north east part of India, Mizoram is 23rd state of India. Aizawl is the capital and largest city of the state. The state shares its boundary with Tripura, Assam and Manipur in the north and it shares its international boundary with Bangladesh to the west and Myanmar to the east. It is quite interesting to share that the literal meaning of the word ‘Mizoram’ is ‘Land of the Hill people’.

Located in picturesque landscape region of north east India, Mizoram has rolling hills, valleys, rivers and lakes; altogether enhances the natural beauty of the state. The highest peak of the state is ‘Phawngpui Tlang’; however, it is more popular with the name ‘Blue Mountain’. Situated in Saiha District of Southern Mizoram, Palak Lake is the biggest lake of the state. Most probably created by an earthquake, it covers about 30 hectares area.

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In fact, the word ‘Mizo’ is a generic term used for a particular group of hilly people; though, there are various group of ethnic tribes but they are culturally or linguistically related and linked and these ethnic groups collectively known as ‘Mizos’.

Mizoram Tourism

Because of having picturesque landscapes and rich flora and fauna, the state Mizoram has flourishing tourism industry. You can see here various natural landscapes along with the tribal culture.

Major Tourism Attractions of Mizoram:

Major Cities and Towns of Mizoram

Aizawl: It is the capital city of state. Aizawl has scenic landscapes; however, other major attractions of the city are Mizoram State Museum, Reiek Tourists’ Resort (situated at the altitude of 1548 meter), Durtland Hills, Hmuifang, Solomon Temple, Baktawng Village, Bara Bazar (shopping area) and many others.

Champhai: Locate at the altitude of 1678 meters, Champhai has many tourists’ attractions, important of them are Thasiama Seno Neihna (a plateau), Murlen National Park, Mura Puk (known for caves), Rih dil (a beautiful lake), Lamsial Puk etc.

Lunglei: Locate in the south-central part of Mizoram, Lunglei is a popular town of Mizoram. Major attractions are Zobawk Sports Academy, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Saikuti Hall etc.

Hill Stations

• Hmuifang Tlang
• Reiek Tlang

Other Attractions of Mizoram

• Murlen National Park
• Dampa Tiger Reserve
• Vantawng Falls
• Palak Dil (the largest lake of Mizoram)

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