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Located in the north-east part, Nagaland is the 16th state of India. The state shares its boundary with Assam to the west and north, Arunachal Pradesh in the north and Manipur to the south. However, it shares it international boundary with Myanmar.

The Naga tribes of the state have long history and they have evolved with their own customs and economic activities. In fact, Naga word is derived from Burmese language ‘Naka’, which means ‘people with pierced ears’. After the war of 1816, Myanmar took the command of Nagaland and also some part of Assam but subsequently, British regain the power and expand the territory as it was earlier. The British also converted Naga tribes to Christianity.

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Geographically, most part of the state Nagaland is covered of mountains. With 3,826 meters height, Mount Saramati is the state's highest peak. Major rivers of the state are Doyang and Diphu. With monsoon climate and high humidity levels, the state has covered by evergreen tropical and sub tropical forest.

Nagaland Tourism

With its wonderful geographical location and the local tribal culture, Nagaland is unique tourists’ destination. There are scenic landscapes along with city, town, wildlife, tribal life etc. Interestingly, the ‘Hornbill Festival’ started by Nagaland Government in the year 2000 is a unique culture that fascinates others and encourages local people. The purpose of the Hornbill Festival is to promote inter-tribal interactions. The festival is celebrated in the first week of December of every year.

Major Attractions Nagaland Tourism

Kohima: It is the capital of Nagaland with having many tourists’ attractions such as Kohima World War II Cemetery, Local Market etc.

Dimapur: More popularly known as ‘Gateway of Nagaland’, it is the largest city of Nagaland. Significant tourists’ attractions in the city are three tier waterfalls (located in Seithekima village), Ruzaphema Market (famous for local handicrafts) and of course local tribal culture and traditions. The state’s airport is located in city Dimapur.

Dzukou Valley: With having wonderful surroundings, Dzukou Valley has many attractions including caves and rich flora and fauna such as rhododendrons, orchids and many more. Interestingly, this place is also thrilling for the trekking.

State Museum: The museum has rich collection of carved gateposts, status pillars and various lifestyles of Naga tribes. However, traditional jewellery is the most significant attraction of the museum.

Tribal Tourism: The state is pretty popular for the tribal tourism in the north-east region of India. You can enjoy here Naga tribes’ culture, lifestyles and traditions in the beautiful landscapes.

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