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Located in north-east part of India, Tripura is the third smallest state of the country. Tripura shares its international boundary with Bangladesh from three sides; however, in the east it shares its state boundary with Assam and Mizoram. The state has various hills and valleys along with small plain regions in the western part of the state. More than half part of the state is covered by forest.

Historically, the modern Tripura was one time part of Tripuri kingdom for many centuries. But in the year 1949, under the ‘Tripura Merger Agreement’, Tripura became part of Independent India.

Because of its geographical location, the state Tripura is connected with only one major Highway. The economy of the state is largely depends upon agriculture. The majority of population of state is Bengali; however, scheduled tribes constitute about 30% population of the state. So, Tripura has diverse ethno-linguistic groups. So, you can see here a composite culture. The major ethnic groups are Bengali Manipuri, Tripuris, Jamatia, Noatia, Reang, Koloi, Murasing etc.

Moreover, rich with forest region, Tripura has very popular handicraft generally manufactured of bamboo and cane; in addition, bamboo and cane are also used to make furniture, utensils, mats, baskets, idols and many more. The music and dance of Tripura tribal people are also popular. Generally, they play sarinda, chongpreng, sumui etc. However, local music, dances and songs are different in different tribal groups. Cricket and football are the major and popular sports of the state.

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