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Clients Speak

Discovery Full Circle - Commendations

Dear Chaman,

We are back in Holland and want to thank you for the perfect way in which all the excursions were organised by your company. This really contributed to our successful trip to India. All the guides and especially the driver were very friendly and knowledgeable. We will recommend you in trip advisor and contact you again when we make our next trip to India.

Kind regards

Ronald van Buren - Holand

Namaste Chaman

Thank you for your message. We arrived back safely, thank you.

Thank you so much for organising everything, the trip was very good and the highlights will be remembered for a long time. We will certainly write some very positive comments on Trip Advisor and Pauline, who has a Facebook account has already been posting her photos and comments on that. My family will be able to see my photos this week-end when we meet up.

Let me know when you are next in London so that I can show you some of the sights.

You will now be enjoying Diwali celebrations. Enjoy.

Kind regards

Gillian Appleton – United Kingdom

Dear Chaman

We had a lovely time in Mumbai and the flight there and pick up worked very well. The Diplomat was a bit basic but in the best position!

I even managed to order some made to measure clothes from a store right behind the Taj Mahal Hotel. We ended up for two days in Mahabaleshwar at an old club founded in 1881. It was great fun and had the best chef I have run across in years.

I did want to thank you for coming down to see us and bringing lovely gifts. We were all so impressed with your thoughtfulness. And we are still chuckling at you pretending to be someone else to start with! The wine, by the way, was really good! Do you remember the brand etc? I forgot to note it down.

I will ask the others to see what feedback they have, if any, and let you know, though I do know that Joanne is still not complimentary about the Marlborough House stay. The rooms were just too damp and Hamish found his bathroom so basic (which it was) that he used one of the other bathrooms. It did not detract from the other wonderful hotels we stayed at such as the Lalith Mahal and the Jayah Mahal. Being the least ‘international’ they are, of course, the most memorable.

Washing the elephants is also a lasting memory for Hilary, Al and Hamish. Oddly enough so was visiting the tea factory. For me, though, the temples and the patient explanations by more than one of the guides about Hinduism were a highlight among highlights.

We did enjoy Vera’s driving and company; he was great. He added the tid bits of information and sightseeing that break up long drives and make them interesting.

In the meantime I do owe you some money for the last part of the trip so please do let me know the amount and, again, what account to pay it to.

Warm regards and thanks for your and your staffs’ efforts for making this another fascinating holiday,

Malcolm Wilson - Australia

Hi Chaman,

So good to hear from - thanks for the email!
The flight back was great, and have rested up nicely.

I did want to thank you for all your help in organising the tour - it was such an amazing experience - and it was so great to back in India again!

It is hard to organise a tour with two people (myself and my dad) involved, and i wanted to thank you for your patience!

Thanks again, i will post our photos of our trip on facebook soon, so you will be able to see them.
Hope all is well with your family, speak soon.

Hilary Nanopoulos - Australia

Hi Chaman. Namaste!

Here we are back safe and sound and on the coach to Brighton. Thank you for everything ! Your very kind hospitality last night. We so enjoyed our evening and delicious meal. Our trip was certainly rich with memories and experiences. It ran so well. And I need to thank you too for the gift of the honey and the nuts! I did smile! They turned out very useful. Also for the shawls and hats. I m certainly going to appreciate mine going for cold walks on the Downs. Big thanks for everything. Looking forward to planning the next trip.

Best Wishes
Teresa Winchester – UK – 2nd trip

Dear Chaman! Namastey!

It was a real pleasure to have travelled with your travel agency. Everything went fine and we were really happy with all the people we met related to your agency.

Now it's time for photos, videos and sharing hundreds of our stories in India with our friends.

Thanks for everything again and be sure we will recommend your company for future travellers to India.

Enjoy rest of the monsoon season!

Best regards,
Ana & Esther - Spain

Dear Chaman,

thank you again for everything; we had an uneventful and fast trip back and already miss our great experiences in India.
We are deeply dismayed with the news of the terrible train accident; luckly we didn't have relatives of friends among the passengers of the train. Thank you for worrying.

We are also looking foward to visiting India again, of course with your company!

Best regards
Laura Gomez - Spain

Dear Chamán!!!, hola from Spain!!!

Thank you very much for doing our trip as great as it was!
Thank you also for your hospitality and for giving us the oportunity to meet each other and having such as good indian meals...
The trip was good and faster as we thought cause we were sleeping all time till arrive at Amsterdam airport, we spent whole day there going around the city till our trip back home.

Going to India has been an amazing experience for us, we have been very happy there and definitly we will back some day...
We hope to see you in Spain or... in India.
thanks again for everything, take care and all our best for you.

José y Ana
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We had a wonderful time - good weather, great food and terrific temples. Our primary driver Suresh babu was great, as were most of our English speaking guides. The hotels you picked out for us were very nice, except for the resort in Hampi. That whole experience was a disaster and I would never recommend that anyone else go there.

Our daily drives were tiring because Indian roads are awful, but that's certainly not your fault. The train rides were fun but also very tiring. The overnight houseboat was great. Our one suggestion is that we should have been given the option to pack an overnight bag to take on the houseboat (leaving suitcases with the driver) rather than lugging all our bags along with us.

t took us 42 hours to get home (train, planes, bus, cars and layovers) which was a bit much but we really didn't want to any more days to our trip.

All in all we had a wonderful time

Thanks much,

Shirley and Joseph - USA

Dear Chaman Thakur,

Greating from Lithuania.

The tour was amazing. We watched and learned so much abaut India and Nepal. Thanks for the travel arrangements, everything was great.

I wish you success in your work. Best wishes to you and driver Om.

Valdas - Lithuania

Dear Chaman Thakur,

Greating from Lithuania.

The tour was amazing. We watched and learned so much abaut India and Nepal. Thanks for the travel arrangements, everything was great.

I wish you success in your work. Best wishes to you and driver Om.

Valdas - Lithuania

Hi Chaman,


Yes, David and I had an absolutely wonderful trip, thanks largely to the great work of you and your colleagues.
The trip home was relatively easy, given it involved a very early start and then overnight flying at the end of that day!!
I have just had my internet service repaired, so will send you feedback as soon as I have dealt with a few urgent tasks.
Once again, thanks very much, and best wishes


John Sherwood - Australia

Dear Mr Chaman,


Thank you for your kind mail to us.

I have just been busy times for my works though I was working during my trip in India.

Now I am glad to have been amazing memories of India with my son.
Then we would talk about our days of tiny happenings and laughing and
elephant and camel and our driver, Mr Om!

I work as an agent for India Visa application at Tokyo.
I know its so hard to progress my business from only visa applicants. Hence,
I always seek for the possibility of next business on my skills and experiences.

That is the reason I will visit your country by my own costs. Touching to active people, its necessary for me and I love to be inspired with them.

Anyway I really would like to back to India soon. I believe there are many opportunities of business whatever I can.

Again,thank you for your supportive mails by the time we leave for your country.
I can say I like your style.

Best regards

Keiko Yano - Japan

Hi Chaman,

I hope you’re well and received the payment.

My wife and I have since returned from our holiday and India and would like to personally thank you for everything you did to make the experience unforgettable! We had an amazing time and were well looked after by the tour guides and drivers.

Thank you again.

Russell - UK

Yes we all had a great time thank you so much again!! I forwarded this to my mom but I thought she had already been emailed by your office but I sent it again in case and she will do it right away! Thanks again for a great trip around India! And I will email you once she gets the confirmation.

Elizabeth Beardsley
SAS Spring 2013

Hello Chaman,

Thanks for everything you did on our trip! I had a great time! Can't wait to come back and tour with you again!

Spencer Freidenrich
SAS Spring 2013

Dear Chaman,  India Sas Tour 2013

thank you thank you thank you for the time of my life. You showed me the essence of India and all of its amazing beauty and culture. I am so grateful for the time we got to spend together and the conversations we shared :) You will forever be in my heart. I can't wait to keep in touch and hopefully meet again one day!

Mckenna Hansen – USA
SAS Spring 2013

Devi  Darshan Tour

Dear Chaman ji

I hope this email finds you well and that business is booming as always.

We had a great time in Nepal and were very happy with the tour. Especially the trek in the Himalayas was amazing and our guide Arjun and sherpa were wonderful. Thank you again for organising and co-ordinating.

This time I am writing because a friend of mine and her husband would like to travel to India and are keen on doing the PALACE ON WHEELS trip through Rajasthan on the 6th of February. Could you come up with your price proposal or is it the same if we book here via internet.

Would appreciate hearing from you asap.Please also send the information to me and to Rosemarie whose email address you will find in cc.

Best regards for today

– 3rd trip

Dear Mr Chaman Thakur

I am writing to thank you for your excellent organisation of our tour. Your attention to detail and the quality of your staff ( especially the driver from Pondercherry ) were exceptional. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip.

One suggestion – some of the tour guides were a little “ pushy “ in terms of “compulsory shopping “ taking us to their favoured shops with the expectation that we should purchase something. While this may be acceptable once or twice – when on an extended tour as we were , this pressure became repetitive and tiresome. It would be better if the guides asked first before automatically taking us to their favoured shops.

Once again, aside from the above, the organisation behind the trip, the accommodation and the personalities of the people involved in our trip were “top notch “. I want to commend you and your agency for making our trip an unforgettable experience.

Thanking you,

Russell and Marilyn Bailey-Brooks – Australia
South India Tour

Dear Chaman

Thank you for your email.
We had a good flight home.
Thank you for helping to make our trip so pleasurable and memorable.
We were very pleased to meet you and will stay in touch.

Chris & Kate – UK
Palace on Wheels and Shimla tour

Hi Chaman!!!
I got your voicemail once we landed in Chennai, sorry I missed it...But everything went great with the flight and transportation back to the ship so thank you! And yes all of us had an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL time in India and that's all thanks to you! We wouldn't of been able to have half a good of time with outyou....And yes we just heard about the Tsunami in Japan so we are all hoping for the best.

I hope it doesn't affect our future travels there. I look forward to staying in touch as well! Everyone says hello and they miss you dearly! I'll talk to you soon!

Thank you, Natalie

Dear Chaman Namaste !!
Thank you for your mail . we are back home safely. thank you for your well plan trip for our 10 days holiday in Delhi triangle and Kashmir. everything was running smooth and fine . no complaint whatever on your side. perhaps a little advice on the food will be great as not much of choice is available along the itilinery.

the restaurents were serving the almost same menu though claiming to be serving chinese , continental food . of course , it depends on where your clients are from . after the tour , almost every monuments are in muslim origin and just wondering where is the majority on Hindi religious praying ground in Delhi.

Thanks. Fam – Malaysia

hello, chaman.
i just got back from india yesterday. i was meaning to e-mail you to thank you but i got busy. my trip was really amazing and i'd like to thank you for taking care of the northern india leg of the trip. everything was right on schedule, like a well-oiled machine.

the guides were wonderful and informative. i felt safe at all times. the hotels you book were also great, nothing to complain about. and the driver, Omprakash was helpful at all times. I am recommending your services to all my friends here who'd like to visit india. i'm also planning to go back and see Rajahstan hopefully next year, when the climate is cooler and i'll be sure to e-mail you to arrange that trip :)

thank you again and i hope we get to meet next time. take care :)
Kristine - Japan – Philippine

Hello Chaman
Sorry i have taken so long to reply. We are still trying to settle into a normal routine. We would like to thank you and all your collegues, for organising such a hassle free and enjoyable holiday. Everything went like clock work from the moment we landed in Delhi.

Excellant chioce of hotels. Clean and comfortable. The breakfasts were very good. Great guides.All were informative and really wanted to us to enjoy our time in India. We always felt safe and taken care of. Reliable,friendly and helpful driver.We feel he went beyond his normal role as a driver to make our trip easier. Even taking David to a reliable,clean and good barber!

We would also like to thank you for your understanding re the payment of money. We were quite panic stricken. We do not mind if you pass our email address to potential customers. We will give you a glowing wrap. Again. Thank you for organising our once in a life time Indian holiday.

Bye Kim, David, Annika and Luke – Australia

Dear Charman

As I said to you I ve been meaning to write to you for ages but because I knew that I wanted to tell you all about the trip I knew that it would take me a while! But here I am now and I hope that this finds you well and happy.

We thought the trip was very well organised and that was due to all your hard work. As time has gone by we have both said to eachother that we would have rather taken more time to see less and in this email you will see where we would have liked to spend more time .....and where less!

Although we did have a lovely and memorable holiday it has to be said that out of the 3 areas of India I have now seen I think I liked Rajasthan least. And I think that s something to do with the many many hours that we spent in the car. Which of course the itinerary made necessary to a large extent.

Our arrival at Delhi went like clockwork and I was SO delighted to find myself 2 hours later at the magical Neerama Palace Fort hotel. We were so lucky that we arrived in the afternoon with the time to relax and enjoy the wonderful facilities.

The next hotel was very different. We liked Puskar as a place very much but would have loved a more central hotel. The Puskar Heritage Hotel had rooms that were comfortable enough but the breakfast area was not great and neither was breakfast. Powdered milk and banana porridge that took ages even though no one else was there.

Udaipur was lovely and so was the Haveli. The view from our room was perfect and we enjoyed lovely breakfasts on the rooftop apart from the moaning over extra payment for honey!!! Do you remember we chatted over it. If we travel with you again I ll have to make certain that I can have, if possible, what I enjoy for breakfast as unlike Kieron I m not keen on cooked eggs etc!

Good visit to the Jain complex which brought back memories for K as he d stayed there many years ago. Not so good was being taken to a restaurant which clearly catered for tour parties and coach loads with buffet food which was not where we wanted to be at all.

The next stop was Jodphur at the Hotel Devi Bhawan with a lovely huge peaceful room and a peaceful breakfast overlooking the gardens and unfortunately more money for honey problems! I thought our guide in Jodphur was very good both in the evening and the next day at the palace. We should have stayed 2 nights in Jodphur I think as it s a great place.

We left Jodphur to go to the village of Jama to stay with the villagers. I m afraid I have to say I did not enjoy this stay very much. We were meant to get there for lunch and we didn t. I m glad about this. We arrived about 3 and Mr M.P.Singh seemed to be an elder of the village and their home was attached to what had been some quite grand buildings. We sat for ages in the courtyard but when Mr Singh was not there we couldn t chat much. Fortunately I was able to spend some time drawing.

We stayed in the room that belonged to the son and his wife. The bed was right next to an air conditioning unit and we had to sleep on the same bed clothes as had been left by the couple. No sleep! I did expect basic conditions but would rather sleep on clean ground where it s quiet. Our meals were not with the family....the food was good....However we were sat in the old building on our own except for the mice running around. We did expect a family experience. We did a camel ride for about an hour.

Jaisailmar next. This was perfect and we had time to enjoy this place. The Hotel Victoria I cannot praise highly enough. The manager Sushil was absolutely charming to us. Do send your clients here as they will be very happy. We were so looked after, from the hot drinks on arrival to the most delicious food served on the rooftop. Breakfast was just what I wanted with fruits and pancakes which were freshly cooked. Beautiful room. Saw lots with the guide in the morning.

I hadn t understood somehow that we were going to be doing a camel ride here as I think I d though that the sand dunes experience was going to be at the previous place. If I had then I think I would have just settled for the ride at Jaisailmer. Sadly the day that we were going to do the ride a sand storm occurred and although our guide seemed a bit surprised I think, we didn t want to go on camels in a sand storm!! I would have loved to see the sand dunes as they seem to be a highlight to many.

Bikaner. A rather mixed experience. The fort was interesting. Camel farm ok. Palace Hotel was beautiful and we had a splendid room. On reading about it I think I would have preferred to stay at the other hotel as we arrived rather late to swim and even Kieron was challenged by the cold water in the pool! Restaurant here is very poor indeed and we had to send the food back. Too many tour groups here have spoilt it I think.

I did go into the Rat Temple and a very interesting experience it was.
Jaipur. What a great choice the Alsisar Haveli was! A serene and lovely place. A contrast from the intense tourism of the Amber Fort!!!! Our guide here was great. Did his best to get us through the crowds and gave us good advice about all the photographers etc.

Rathambore. Not impressed with Safari Resort. No hot water. Ever. Rats in the restaurant. The swimming pool was filthy. Loved the safaris in Ranthambore and we saw a tiger and lots beside.

Orchha. A very comfortable hotel with a lovely bed and air con that was quiet and not freezing. Just right. Town most interesting and we had a very good time exploring it.

Khahujaro. Radisson Hotel most comfortable but a little far out. Would have liked to have been in the town to wander around. But did appreciate the comfort of the Radisson after the journey. The guide here was truly EXCELLENT and quite the very best we had. He was most knowledgeable and we thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with him. He was able to answer many of the questions Kieron had!

Train journey to Delhi was also excellent. What good service on this train.
Our driver Mohan was a careful steady driver who took good care with us and didn t take risks. If we do another journey with you, and I hope we do, then it would be good to have a driver with more English so that we get to know him better. Also, I know that I did ask for a careful driver which is very important but it was a little frustrating when the road was clear to be driven at 50km. The journeys often took longer than stated.

I ve tried to give you a real idea of how the trip was and hope that s ok with you. I ve recommended you to a lot of people so I hope you ve got some business .

We ve had a brief chat about a trip to the foothills of the Himalayas next August maybe. What s the situation in the Kashmir area now? I ve heard mixed reports. And I d still like to see the rock garden! I m going to have to do some research. But if you have any thoughts and possible itineraries as starting points then I would be very interested.

Many thanks for all you did Very best wishes
Teresa - England