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Village Tourism

It is said that India is the “country of villages”; so, tour of India without visiting the rural area is not complete tour of India. In other words, without making tour of villages of India you cannot enjoy the real flavour of India tour. On the other hand, thousands of tourists come India from all over the world neither to enjoy the natural landscapes nor to see the historic architecture and heritage centres rather they specially come to make tour of villages of India. They enjoy visiting the secluded hamlets located in a remote area.

Touring the Indian villages is totally different sort of experience; villages are far from the city’s commotions, people are not running behind the time, time is not at all constrain, you would not have fast moving vehicles driven over petrol/diesel rather you will get animal pulled vehicles. Furthermore, you would also not get luxurious hotels and restaurants. So, if you can enjoy without all these things then definitely you will experience the India tour in true sense. There is thrill in difficulty; you really enjoy the rural food cooked of pure and fresh milk and vegetables respectively. You will also get opportunity of camel riding, horse riding and ox driven cart.

At present day, the scope of rural tourism in India is endless; you can have all fresh and pure environments that you cannot get in fast and polluted city life. The dusty path, unmetalled roads, green fields, herds of cattle, rugged tree thickets and innocent people, there are so much uniqueness to see and feel in rural India. In addition, the Indian government has also taken major steps to promote village tourism so that tourists can be a part of rural life and enjoy the village life of India. We will tell you where to visit India Village and how to visit Indian villages.

Popular Villages

Though, entire India has thousands of fascinating villages that you can tour but the most of the rural areas popular for the village tourism in India are located in Rajasthan. Many of the villages in Rajasthan are known for their fascinating heritage attractions as well as the traditional arts which are still prevalent in the villages. Bundi, Barmer, and Nathdawara are the few famous villages in Rajasthan. Other states where villages are popular for the tourism are:

Off beat India tour package can take you to some of the exotic villages :

Gujarat: Hodka and Kutch area

Himachal Pradesh: Raison Naggar and many more where you can enjoy the natural landscapes in villages.

Assam: Saulkuchi and Durgapur

Madhya Pradesh: Chougan and Pranpur

West Bengal: Mukutmanipur and Ballavpur Danga

Karnataka: Banavasi and Anegundi

Kerala: Kerala has numbers of villages but most popular of them are Kumbalanghi, Annakara, Aranmula and many others.

Tamil Nadu: Thadiyankudissai, Kazhugumalai and Kurangini

Moreover, from north to south and from east to west wherever you want to experience and enjoy village tourism in India, we at Discovery Full Circle Tours make safe and secure arrangements. We provide personal and private vehicles, guide, food and other necessary information to make your village tour exciting.