Top 10 places to visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is renowned for its rich history, tradition and culture. The place is an incredible mix of breath-taking pagodas, scenic mountain views, clean lakes and sun-soaking beaches, etc. While Pagodas are the major attraction of this place, the country is not shy of beautiful natural landscapes and tourist-spots. Halfway through to the urbanization, Myanmar is a blend of modern and ancient.

Check out our list of Top 10 places to visit in Myanmar

  1. Kalaw


If you’re tired of your hectic urban life and want to run away from it, then Kalaw is the place for you. Kalaw is at the top of our list because this place has what it takes to calm a soul. One of the least explored places in Myanmar, it ascended to the top as a tourist spot because of its enthralling trekking trails and picturesque views. Kalaw remains a famous tourist destination throughout the year, but sees a higher inflow during the summers to beat the scorching heat of Myanmar. The place is loaded with resorts and hotels which offers amazing views from the window of the rooms. This place offers a perfect weekend getaway.


  1. Bagan


One of the most interesting and exciting places in Myanmar, Bagan is bustling with over 2,000 Buddhist monuments dotting the Archaeological Zone. Renowned for the popular hot air ballooning; watch the entire city, flying over it. The ride takes place in the wee hours of the morning and with the sun rising, the ancient city looks magnificent.


  1. Pindaya


Myanmar is vividly known for its religious beliefs and Pindaya is one of those similar sites. The place is renowned to provide a glimpse into the Buddhist histories and attracts a huge inflow of tourist every year. A series of deep caves, it homes over 8000 images of Lord Buddha. The statues and images are made in beautiful hues of gold and brass.


  1. Mandalay


Second largest town in Myanmar, Mandalay is popular around the world for its rich heritage and culture. The place highlights the contribution of the Shwenandaw Monastery not just to prose but to poetry as well. It is said to be to a significant influencing factor when it comes to the history and culture of the place. Mandalay is a pilgrimage site and a tourist destination because of Maha Myat Muni (also known as the Royal Palace).


  1. Inle Lake


Next on our list of what to see in Myanmar is Inle Lake, which is located in Shan and is home to many endemic species of reptiles, snails and fish. Inle Lake is the second largest in the country and is located at quite high elevation. Stilt houses pepper this huge body of water and the only way to see them is by boat. You’ll be greeted by a group of pagodas that dots the bank, the place also oozes with fresh herbs, Chinese spices and lake-caught fish, etc.


  1. Ngapali


One of the most popular sand stretch in all of Myanmar, Ngapali is the place to let yourself loose. Located around the Bay of Bengal, cool breeze throughout the day makes it a popular relaxing spot. The salt washed boats often come ashore during the day, bringing in supply of freshly caught seafood. You can also opt for water activities like jet-skiing, scuba diving, sea kayaking and more.


  1. Hsipaw


A dream destination for trekkers and adventurers all around the world, Hsipaw is loved and admired by tourists the entire year. Once, a royal capital of the kingdom of Shan, it gradually turned into a famous trekking destination and have never fell short to the hype. The trekking trails are enthralling and the whole trek can last for longer than expected.


  1. Mount Popa


A famous hiking spot in Mandalay, Mount Popa is one place not to miss. One of the best places in Myanmar, it has an extinct volcano which is just magnificent to look at. Mounting on it is a Popa Taungkalat Monastery and it takes 777 steps to reach there. The view from the top is simply magnificent and majestic.


  1. Shwedagon Pagoda


There are so many beautiful places to visit in Myanmar that Shwedagon came almost at the end. One of the most popular places in all of Myanmar, Shwedagon shouldn’t be missed. One of the most sacred pagodas, the stupa is plated with hundreds of gold and encrusted with more than 4500 diamonds. If you plan to visit only one pagoda, then this should be the one.


  1. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or Golden Rock


Makes it to our list of top 10 places to visit, this is one of the most interesting pagodas in Myanmar. Mounted on a boulder covered with gold leaves, it seems to defy gravity and perfectly balances itself on another rock. Legend has it that the boulder is supported by a strand of hair from Buddha. To reach to this unusual and dramatic attraction, you will have to hike a 16km trail. As tiring as it can be, it is the most sought-after Myanmar places to visit.


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