Top things to do in Bhutan

A country gifted with the sheer brilliance of Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, is abundant of fun things to do. A lot of visitors only spend a few days in Bhutan due to it’s $250 (on average) per person per day fee. Note-this fee is not applicable for Indian citizens. Most backpackers spend an average of 4-5 days in Bhutan, but you can also find our 5 days and 8 days packages here. With many activities in offer, we urge everyone to visit the picturesque place at least once in their lifetime. A heaven on Earth, this place can be visited with your family, friends or as a solo traveller.

Because of being nestled in the Himalayas, this place hails with many adventure sports that will get your adrenaline peaking. Not limited to adventure sports, Bhutan is an ideal destination to find peace and solace. A land of scenic monasteries and natural wonders, Bhutan is a must visit place.

Here’s our list of top things to do in Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Monastery


Topping our list of top things to do in Bhutan, Tiger’s nest monastery aka Taktsang Monastery is the major highlight of the place. Blessed as one of the most sacred sites, this place cannot be missed regardless the number of days you’re visiting for. What makes this place so magnificent is the fact that it clings to the side of a cliff at an approximate height of 3000 meters. Located close to the airport this attraction sees a huge inflow of tourists every year.

Location- Approximately 10kms away from the city (Paro).

Best time to travel- anytime throughout the year.

Buddha Dordenma


A masterpiece of architectural wonder, this Buddha statue is one of the largest in the world. The statue is more than 50 meters tall and moulded from bronze and gold. Apart from this, it also houses 125,000 other buddha statues surrounding in close vicinity. This buddha statue exudes tranquillity and peace and was built as a representation for prosperity of the nation. Note- make sure to hike up behind the statue and witness the surreal view in front of you.

Location- Sits atop a mount in Keunselphodrang Nature Park.

Best time to travel- During the wee hours (anytime throughout the year).

Dochula Pass


Located more than ten thousand feet above the sea level, Dochula Pass is a scenic spot and one of the best tourist destinations in Bhutan. The place offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the snow laden mountains and the colourful flags fluttering in the wind. There are 108 chortens overlooking the valley, so take out your time to explore this beautiful and one of its kind spot.

Location- Between Thimpu and Punakha.

Best time to travel- October-March

Chele La Pass


One of the highest motor-able pass in Bhutan, Chele La pass is located at a height of 13,000 feet in Paro. The journey to this place offers majestic views of the natural beauty of Bhutan. From lush green forests, waterfalls and alpine flowers to snow-laden mountains in winter; this place is an absolute delight for trekkers. The charm of this place ascends during the winter and the whole surrounding becomes more enthralling. It’s a visual treat once you set foot here.

Location- Paro, Bhutan

Best time to travel- October-March

Punakha Suspension Bridge


Located quite near to the Punakha Dzong, this bridge claims to be the longest suspension bridge ever built in Bhutan. Spanning the Po Chu river, this 160-meter-long bridge connects the town of Punakha with Punakha Dzong. While walking on the bridge you will see many prayer flags tied to the rails all the way along. Despite being a suspension bridge, it does not shake even the slightest bit. River flowing underneath and mountain on the sides, the whole setting of this place is just breath-taking.

Location- Punakha, Bhutan

Best time to travel- Anytime throughout the year

Dagala Trail Trek


The Dagala Trail also known as the Dagala Thousand Lakes trek is a famous 12-day trek in Bhutan. The trek sets off from Paro, takes the trekkers through famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery and then passes over the picturesque, clear lakes at high altitudes and then all the way to Thimpu.

Location- Trek starts from Paro and ends in Thimpu

Best time to travel- March to October

Dance with the Monks


In a nation that celebrates numerous festivals, almost everyone in Bhutan loves to dance. The local monks in Dzongs and monasteries come together to dance and celebrate a festive occasion. If you are in the country during a festival, do visit the monasteries and celebrate it the way the monks do. Note- photography inside is prohibited. Just be in the moment and enjoy!!

Where- Trongsa Dzong and Rinpung Dzong

Sports or Adventure Activities



The trekking trails passes through the beautiful natural landscapes, snow-capped mountains, dense forests, lush-green pasturelands and crystal-clear lakes. Bhutan offers amazing trekking opportunities for both beginners and experts. Some of the treks will take you to places, which haven’t been explored by many or are untouched by urbanisation.

Location- Druk Path trek, Merak Sakteng trek, and many more.

Best time to travel- October- March

Difficulty level- Easy to Challenging

Hot Spring Therapy


There are many hot springs spread across the country. As per the locals, Hot Springs aka Tshachus are believed to have healing powers. These Tsachus have the properties to cure body aches and sinuses.

Location- The renowned hot springs are Gasa Tshachu, Dur Tshachu, Gelephu Tshachu and many more.

Best time to visit- During Winter (October-January)

Rock Climbing


One of the most go-to adventure activities in Bhutan is Rock Climbing. The place offers varying degree of rock-climbing difficulty, which is suited for both beginners and experts. One of the most renowned climbing rocks is the Nose in Thimpu.

Location- Thimpu

Best time to visit- March-May and September-November

Difficulty level- Moderate to Challenging







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