Munnar City Guide

Munnar City Guide:

Information - Going in Munnar is a tactile workmanship, catching the faculties with its flawless landscape, inventive nature, fragrant tea gardens, murmuring water streams and considerably more. May be that is the prime motivation behind why Munnar is seen by visitors with a grateful eye as one of the most favored vacationer goals in Kerala. Situated on the intersection of three waterways, to be specific Muthirappuzha, Chadavurai, and Kundaly at a height of 1600 m, this immaculate slope station offers the high in the rising tucks and overlap of the Western Ghats. Presently, this bumpy retreat is affectionately tended to as the 'ruler of foggy Malabar' for its fantasy like setting and awesome encounters. 

Munnar city Tour :

Tea Estates - Munnar is for the most part known for its manicured and sweet-smelling tea estates. Layers and layers of tea bequests on the grand mountains make it a surrealistically wonderful. A few ranches at a height of more than 2100 m are among the most noteworthy on the planet. 

Tea Museum - A piece of Nullathanni Tea Estate, this Tea Museum built up by Tata Tea shows uncommon photos and hardware portraying the voyage of prospering tea industry. The surprising types of gear in this exhibition hall incorporate 1909 EPABX phone framework entombment urn, unique 1905 tea roller, exemplary cabin furniture, wooden bath, iron broiler, manual number crunchers and inquisitive identified with tea. There is additionally a tea-tasting exhibit room and a small assembling unit in this tea home. 

CSI Church - The Church of South India in Munnar is a 1910 frontier church rendering a one of a kind appeal to the legacy of this entrancing slope station. Its exceptional engineering highlights dark basalt structure with un-put dividers and recolored glass windows delineating the holy people and Biblical characters. The congregation even has various metal plaques in memory of the British time tea grower. 

Mount Carmel Church - Built up in 1898, Mount Carmel Church is the main Roman Catholic Church in the mountain run. This congregation has seen the adventure of Munnar, from a peaceful estate town to a significant traveler goal. 

Blossom International Park -Blossom International Park is set in the entrancing districts of the slope station. Visitors can benefit various open doors here including sailing, roller skating, cycling, pit fire, and so forth. 

Pothamedu - Arranged 6 km from Munnar, Pothamedu is an incredible vacation spot enabling travelers to have an amazing perspective on the tea, espresso and cardamom manors in Munnar. 

Devikulam - Devikulam is a little slope station close Munnar popular for its grand magnificence and nature. Close by the pleasant surroundings of Sita Devi Lake, a mineral water outing is a perfect excursion spot. A nursery of flavors is additionally an additional fascination at Devikulam. 

Attukal - Found 9 km away from this entrancing slope station is Attukal, a renowned cascade goal preferably known for its long treks. 

Nyayamakad - Situated among Munnar and Rajamala, Nyayamakad is a place that is known for pie in the sky cascades. The falling waters moving down from a tallness of 1600 meters bring about an eyeful treat for voyagers. Close by surroundings around Nyayamakad likewise include a fantastic cookout spot and trekking point. 

Kundala - Kundala is another fascination of Munnar city visit. Especially, it is a golf player's joy as it enables them to appreciate the joy of playing golf on a 9 gap course possessed by Tata Tea. The counterfeit lake and dam additionally structure an extraordinary explanation of visiting Kundala. 

How to reach Munnar :

By Flight - Cochin or Kochi International Airport is nearest to Munnar. 

By Road – Munnar is well connected by road with rest of the country.
Some of the driving time to Munnar (Approximate and subject to road and traffic conditions :
Kochi to Munnar - 4 hrs
Kochi to Kottayam - 5 hrs
Madurai to Munnar - 5/6 hrs
Munnar to Ooty - 7 hrs
Munnar to Kodaikanal - 5 hrs

By Railways - Kochi makes good train network with rest of India.

Trips tours from Munnar :

Mattupetty Dam - Found only 13 km from Munnar, Mattupetty Dam is a brilliant trip for nature sweethearts. Visiting this site enables travelers to set out on trekking in the midst of the Shola forestland. This dam, being an indispensable wellspring of intensity, was built to monitor water for hydroelectricity. Likewise, the huge of perpetual water gathering gives thriving grounds to wild creatures and fowls. Voyagers can benefit the chance of vessel journey on the lake supply. 

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary - The most extravagant winged animal natural surroundings on Indian landmass, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is a 25 sq km habitation 270 species, including Malabar dark hornbills, wilderness nightjar, parakeets, dim drongo, cuckoo, wilderness babbler, darters and so forth. Locating feathered creatures from a Treetop Machan or watch house in the haven shapes an extraordinary encounter. 

Rajamalai Estate - Rajamalai Estate frames the ideal base to investigate the plentiful widely varied vegetation of Eravikulam National Park. Found 6000 ft. above ocean level, this domain is the most elevated tea estate in the nation. 

Eravikulam National Park - The home of Nilgiri Tahr, an uncommon mountain goat; Eravikulam National Park lies at the peak of the Anamalai ranges. Aside from the tahr, the recreation center likewise obliges enhanced fauna as Nilgiri marten, little ripped at otter, bronzed mongoose, dim striped squirrel, and so forth 

Anaimudi - Anaimudi, the 2695 meter high pinnacle is the pride of South India is found near Munnar. The stature of this mountain offers abundant trekking chances to the vacationers. 

Marayoor - Marayoor in Idukki locale is a characteristic sandalwood timberland. The site is likewise prestigious for its wall paintings and remnants of the Stone Age human progress. The other fascination of a visit to Marayoor is that vacationers become acquainted with how sandalwood is handled in the woodland warehouse. 

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary - 60 km away from Munnar is Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for its sizeable populace of Nilgiri Tahrs, Nilgiri Wood-pigeons, Elephants, Sambar, Gaur, Grizzled Giant Squirrel, and Neelakurinji bloom. Voyagers can even benefit the chance to remain in a tree house or cottage stays and jump on to waterway trekking and cascade trekking in the asylum premises.

Tour to Munnar can be combined with any other tour in Kerala or South India.

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