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Extensively planned conferences, for optimal outcomes.


Immerse yourself in an experience that is wholly rewarding.


Memorable exhibitions, organized down to the last detail.

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Renew the team spirit through refreshing group experiences.

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The Happy Voyaging Corporate Travel Experience is set to change the age old idea of Business Tour. We add some personalisation and ideas that bring some charm to your MICE tour. Crafted with your budget, top incentive travel destinations and your Business tour needs, clubbed to complete your Corporate Incentive Travel. Your Corporate Tours will stand out with Happy Voyaging’s personalised services. The meticulous planning framed into Corporate Holiday Packages give you a completely rewarding experience.

Craft Your Corporate Trip

Your Destination

We plan meetings & conferences in your hometown to incentives and exhibitions in popular and exotic destinations in India & around the world.

Your Group Size

With our very own efficient team of tour managers and 1000+ team members we efficiently cater to your group of twenty or two thousand or twenty thousand travellers.

Your Budget

Whether your budget is ten thousand or ten lakhs per person, Happy Voyaging offers you a complete corporate experience

Your Team

For a perfect work life balance in this age of cut through global competition, your team must leave their desk for some much needed rejuvenation. We at Happy Voyaging make this happen with seamless travel experience

Benefits of Happy Voyaging's MICE tour

Fully Customizable

Corporate tours or MICE tours (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions) provide a great platform for any organization to inspire higher performances internally and to explore opportunities of business development with partners, investors, customers and suppliers. Keeping this in mind, we provide a range of customizable corporate tour packages in India and abroad, to make your corporate team outing memorable. From hotel accommodation to meeting schedules, we are always flexible to your needs.

  • Customizable activities and itineraries
  • Unique themed meetings
  • Day-long tour of the destination city with sightseeing
  • Gala dinner with a celebration on the last night

Efficient Resources

We employ a comprehensive network of resources in order to provide you corporate tour packages that you will love. This is made possible with the help of our incentive tour packages and trusted business partners from around the world.

  • Explore a number of exotic destinations
  • We cover small towns as well as hallmark international destinations
  • On-board professional organising team to enrich your exhibitions and seminars
  • Efficient customer support as well as expert travel advice on the go

Integrated Travel Services

As corporate travel agents, we provide you with forex services, travel insurance and a travel card. All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of everything.

  • Full VISA services
  • Travel insurance along with travel card
  • Currency exchange and comprehensive forex services
  • National/International Flight Bookings (affiliations with all of the leading airlines of the world

Cost Effective

At Happy Voyaging, we believe in a seamless corporate travel experience which is why we function as business travel agents. We strive to give you the best of every possible corporate trip element, at minimal compromise. The experiences that we craft as corporate travel agents will always deliver par your expectations and then some more.

  • The highest standard of service, at affordable prices

Work along with passion can take you places and the concept of corporate tours are truly based on it. Keeping a balance in life and work is often seen as a secret of success and the hardest task to maintain. Let the work take you places and bring the world of experiences closer to you. Explore destinations like Bali, Dubai, Switzerland, Central Europe, Singapore, Thailand, Hyderabad, Goa, Jaipur and more; along with Corporate Tour Packages. Work out some interesting strategies and erase the concept of work pressure or stress with exciting Incentive travel destinations. Redefine work for everybody and inspire many others as you keep travel with Happy Voyaging's MICE tour packages. Work gets better, if it feels rewarding! Raise your spirits of life as you raise the profits of the company! After all, that’s what Business Travel is about.