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Located in the western part of India, Gujarat is a coastal state with having more than 1600 km coastline. It shares its boundary with Rajasthan in north, Madhya Pradesh in the east, Maharashtra in south and it shares its international boundary with Pakistan in north-west. However, in the western region, Arabian Sea lies. Though, the largest city and commercial centre of the state is Ahmedabad but the capital city is Gandhinagar; a city which is specially planned to make the capital city of Gujarat.

Interestingly, the historic state Gujarat has been remaining pretty important state since ancient time; some of the important sites of ancient Indus Valley Civilization including ‘Lothal’ and ‘Dholavira’ are located in the state. Archaeologists say – Lothal is probably one of the first ports of the world. Furthermore, Bharuch and Khambhat two other significant ports remained pretty important from the time of Maurya and Gupta empires to Medieval and modern era. Our Rashtrapita (National Father) Mahatma Gandhi born in Gujarat; Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Muhammad Ali Jinnah were also born in Gujarat. So, not only because of its historical importance and geographical location but also because of birth space of such kind of international leaders, Gujarat has been playing very significant role for the development of the country. Today, Gujarat is one of the most industrialized states of India.

Tourism in Gujarat

With more than 19 million tourists during the year of 2012-11, Gujarat is one of the most popular tourists’ states of India. Along with local cultures and traditions, Gujarat has various distinct sites such as natural landscapes, scenic beauty in the Great Rann of Kutch, hills, beaches, national parks, religious places, museums and it is also the home of Asiatic Lions.

Largest Cities in Gujarat

• Ahmedabad
• Surat
• Vadodara
• Rajkot
• Bhavnagar
• Jamnagar
• Surendranagar City
• Anand
• Junagadh
• Gandhinagar

Historical sites in Gujarat


Religious and Cultural Sites in Gujarat

Ashok Edicts, Junagadh
Khambhalida Caves, Rajkot
Dev Ni Mori, Shamlaji
Vadnagar, Mehsana
Taranga Hills, Mehsana
Talaja Hill, Bhavnagar
Junagadh Caves, Junagadh
Siyot Caves, Northwest Kutch
Kadia Dungar Caves, Vadodara
ISKCON Gate and Temple, Dwarka
Narayan Sarovar, Northwest Kutch
Koteshwar Temple, Northwest Kutch
Takhteshwar Temple, Bhavnagar
Shiva temples, Narmada River
Nageshwar Mahadev, Saputara Hill Station
Galteshwar, Dakor
Swaminarayan Temple, Ahmedabad
Nageshwar Jyothirlinga Temple, Dwarka
Gopnath Mahadev Temple and Beach, Bhavnagar
Yellow Stone Temple, Taranga Hills
Kotishila, Taranga Hills
Sun Temple, Somnath
Shrine of Meerabai, Dwarka
Gomati Ghat Temples, Dwarka
Ambaji Temple, Ambaji
Angar Pir, Palitana - Shatrunjaya
Mosques of Champaner, Champaner
Hemachandracharya Jain Gnan Mandir, Patan
Jama Masjid, Ahmedabad
Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, Ahmedabad
Siddhshila, Taranga Hills
Hutheesing Jain Temple, Ahmedabad
Bhidbhanjan Temple and Parsi Agiari, Jamnagar
Mt. Girnar, Junagadh

Palaces & Forts in Gujarat

Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi - Kutch
Vijaynagar Circuit, Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest
Pratap Vilas Palace and Peter Scott Nature Park, Jamnagar
Sharad Baug Palace, Bhuj
Darbar Gadh, Jamnagar
Lakhota Palace and Museum, Jamnagar
Surat Castle, Surat
Utelia Palace, Lothal
Prag Mahal, Bhuj
Citadel, Champaner - Pavagadh
Pavagadh Fort and Early Temples, Champaner - Pavagadh
Gates of the Fort Walls, Champaner - Pavagadh
Uparkot, Junagadh
Aina Mahal, Bhuj
Taranga Fort, Taranga Hills

Beaches in Gujarat

Mandvi Beach- Kutch
Beyt Dwarka, Dwarka
Ahmedpur Mandvi, Somnath
Somnath Beach, Somnath
Nargol, Surat
Okha Madhi, Dwarka
Miyani Beach, Porbandar

Museum in Gujarat

Ramkrishna Math, Rajkot
Sabarmati Ashram
Sardar Patel Museum, Ahmedabad
Watson Museum, Rajkot
Around the Old City, Junagadh
Saputara Tribal Museum, Saputara Hill Station
Vadodara Museum, Vadodara
Kutch Museum in Bhuj
Shri Vishal Jain Museum, Palitana - Shatrunjaya

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Gujarat

Gir Forest National ParkLocated in the southwest part of the state, Gir Forest National Park is known for the Asiatic Lions; however, leopards are also one of the attractions in this forest.
Vansda National Park
Blackbuck National Park
Velavadar and Marine National Park
Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary
Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary
Gulf of Kutch
Kutch Bustard Sanctuary
Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary
Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

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